Vitamins in skin cream?

Most skin creams on the market boast of having vitamins in them. Usually it’s vitamin E. It seems to me that merely smearing one’s skin with vitamins wouldn’t really have any effect (except making money for the vitamin industry). Even if the vitamins were to be absorbed through the skin, would this have any effect? Does anyone out there know if there are any real benefits to be had by using a skin cream with vitamins in it? Back in the days when I was a nurse’s aide/orderly, we used various vitamin-enhanced skin compunds, one in particluar springs to mind, Vitamin A&E.


Topical application of the vitamins (and the other stuff in the compound – I will _never_ forget it’s dreadful smell), really did seem to speed the healing of open wounds (primarily skin lesions, aka bed-sores). I always believed that covering the wound with a gasoline-consistencied gel also helped speed the healing, as it prevented/ lessened scabbing. I’d like to know what peoples opinion is of giving children vitamins? My daughter doesn’t really eat a well balanced diet.


She isn’t by any means over or under weight either. I’ve been thinking about it, since I have been taking vitamins, that it may not be a bad idea to start her on vitamins. What do you all think of them? And what brand do you use if you do? Babies can take vitamins, Poly-Vi-Sol is one of the most common brands…However according to my ped, if the baby is on BM, vitamins are not a bad idea…BUT if the baby is on Formula…DO NOT give vitamins, because formula has 100 of the RDA of all recommended vitamins for infants. And you do not want to exceed that amount. When is it recommended usually that you supplement b/m with PVS? My ped. said ~6 months or so, because that’s about when mom’s iron supply to baby gives out, but I’m curious to see what others have heard. DS was on formula and went on Poly-vi-sol at 6 months (I think).


Since he wasn’t eating his cereal, that meant that he likely wasn’t getting enough iron. I guess once they start solids, their iron demands change. Also, we have well water which lacks fluoride….another reason why we started the vitamins.I was told by the neonatologist that b/m is the BEST source of nutririon…BUT they are unsure if the child was getting ALL of the RDA’s of the vitamins from the b/m, since wether or not your b/m had all of the vitamins depends largly on your diet! And they felt when in doubt.My pedi recommended Tri-Vi-Sol or Poly-Vi-Sol in October (Danny’s 2m appointment), as we’d spend less time outside. She was concerned about vitamin D, which you make from sunlight.


I gave him about 1/2 a dose every other day of the tri-vi-sol since I figured it was just D we were trying to get. And, not the formulation with iron. Then, at the 6m appointment, she gave me a prescription for vitamins with iron and fluoride supplements. It smells awful, and Danny is so bad at taking tasty meds, that I haven’t even tried to give it to him. Just once, mixed it in applesauce, which surprisingly he didn’t mind. But, he’s been really good about eating cereal (barley) made with juice (helps with iron adsorption) and water.


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